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пятница, 10 августа 2012 г.
RE: монул архив ада 10:01:04
меня увозят в никуда
всю мою жизнь
четверг, 9 августа 2012 г.
архив ада 18:26:50
Комментарии записи закрыты от всех.
Your obsessed with TF2 if... архив ада 12:11:48
Your obsessed with TF2 if...

You giggled while reading "To Kill A Mockingbird".
You cannot watch a James Bond film without screaming "HE'S A SPY!"
Anything suspicious is a Spy.
All crabs are SPYCRABS.
Nobody can mention maggots without you shouting "MAGGOTS".
You find references in everything. Seriously. Everything.
You refer to fizzy drinks as BONK.
You cannot be around a baseball bat without picking it up and doing a Scout pose.
You do not trust German doctors.
You have spent whole days speaking in a Russian/Boston/Texa­n/French/Scottish/Au­stralian/German accent.
Your preferred form of greeting is to sneak up on your friends, hit them on the back and say "Right be`ind you".
You want to give Heavy a big hug.
You can play most of the pieces of music in the game on piano or guitar.
You start nitpicking and pulling apart every Meet The videos for little surprises.
You look for burning Snipers in every fire in the game.
When injured, you scream "MEDIC!" or "I NEED A DISPENSER HERE!"
When anyone touches anything of yours, you automatically say "Who touched my (insert inanimate object name here)" in a Russian accent.
Whenever Justin Bieber's "Baby" song plays, you start singing the Heavy Bieber version. Ditto TiK ToK and Boink Bonk.
You giggle when anyone says "soup can".
You cannot say "sandwich". You have to say "sandvich".
You create different scenarios in your head in which Pyro is unmasked.
You think Pyro sounds Mexican.
The comeback "your mom" has been replaced by "zat would be your mother!"
Whenever anyone does something wrong, you go "YOU FAIL" in an Announcer voice.
You think that Heavy and Medic is the cutest pairing ever. NO.
You scorn the fem classes.
You know at least one of the Meet The videos off by heart, and can recite it perfectly.
You spent ages working on your accents, just so you could cosplay your favourite class.
You have almost created an entire team consisting of your friends.
You sing Florence + The Machine's "Heavy In Your Arms" in a Russian accent.
Gas masks make you laugh.
You got really excited when Scout broke the fourth wall. ("Yeah, I dare ya, rage quit".)
Your excuse for everything is "I'm a drunk Scottish Cyclops".
You confide your deepest secrets to shovels
You support a specific team.
You refuse to buy clothes in the opposite team's colour.
Baseball is suddenly a lot more exciting.

You really, really want Garry's Mod.
You know what the hell Garry's Mod is.
You write loads of fanfiction/draw loads of fanart featuring your favourite characters.
You really want to study philosophy.
You own something with your favourite class name written on it.

You have at least one TF2 cosplay in your wardrobe.
You have taken screenshots from the Meet The videos, put them on Facebook and tagged all your friends as the class they most resemble.
If people wearing balaclavas ever burglarize your house, you will not be able to do anything about it, as you will be laughing too hard. Bonuspoints if they're armed.
Everyone is out to sap you.
The phrase "he stabbed me in the back" (when referring to betrayal)will never be the same again.
When walking through dark alleys alone at night, you are not afraid of thugs, thieves or rapists; you are scared of Spy.

You have turned up to a fancy dress party in TF2 cosplay.
You have written your own version of the Intelligence.
Rainbows make you cry.

You have "thoughts" on what the team do when they're notbattling . . .
. . . and picture yourself in some of the scenarios you create.

You quote the game at every opportunity.
You think it's weird when people don't get your TF2 references/jokes.
You have spent hours on YouTube searching for funny TF2 videos.
You have downloaded a load of TF2 parodies of songs.
You saw the guy in the gas mask in the "Commander" by Kelly Rowlandmusic video, and immediately thought "PYRO!"
You roleplay your favourite class all the time with your friends.
Your family no longer ask you "what game are you playing?" they ask,"which class are you playing as?"
You have a secret crush on one of the characters.
You saw the reference in the American Civil War.
Sniper, Spy, Scout, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Engineer, Soldier and Demoman are now pronouns to you.
You have read this list and nodded at least twenty times, then gotparanoid that I'm spying on you because I know so much about your TF2 obsession.

среда, 8 августа 2012 г.
мама про медика с голубями архив ада 18:09:14
- и чо? что за дядька в перчатках, фу страшный.

Категории: Даша и тф2
вторник, 7 августа 2012 г.
архив ада 16:02:53
Комментарии записи закрыты от всех.
:( архив ада 14:37:11
В мрачное воскресенье, с сотней белых цветов
Я ждал тебя, дорогая, с мольбой
В воскресное утро, по следам моих снов
Карета моей печали вернулась без тебя
С тех самых пор мои воскресенья всегда печальны
Слезы – мое вино, горе – мой хлеб…

Мрачное воскресенье

В это последнее воскресенье, пожалуйста, приди ко мне, любимая,
Там будет священник, гроб, катафалк и саван.
Там будут цветы для тебя, цветы и гроб,
Из-под цветущих деревьев я отправлюсь в последний путь,
Мои глаза будут открыты, и я смогу увидеть тебя в последний раз,
Не пугайся моих глаз, даже мертвый, я благословляю тебя…

В последнее воскресенье

Категории: Мрачное вс
RE: манул Maнул 12:18:36
В один день .-.
манул архив ада 12:00:06
Я не бегу прочь, я так долго с этим сражался
За цену, которую мы платим, мы должны быть сильными.
Я заберу свою жизнь сегодня ночью,
Потому что у меня есть право умереть, как я хочу,
И уйти так, как я пришёл, - живым...

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среда, 1 августа 2012 г.
архив ада 11:35:25
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вторник, 31 июля 2012 г.
архив ада 19:05:59
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архив ада 19:04:44
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архив ада 19:04:32
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понедельник, 30 июля 2012 г.
сигна от криппера здесь остались приятные воспоминания .3 20:06:18
 Я её уломала! Фак еа!:-*­ милые сисечки.

комментировать 33 комментария | Прoкoммeнтировaть
RE: и она мне сделала сигну здесь остались приятные воспоминания .3 19:11:15

воскресенье, 29 июля 2012 г.
архив ада 19:36:40
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Maнул 19:24:44
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архив ада 17:51:49
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МАНУЛЯША архив ада 17:50:33

Категории: .тотальная ф23
суббота, 28 июля 2012 г.
архив ада 16:37:16
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среда, 25 июля 2012 г.
RE: в начале июня была вынуждена наврат... архив ада 18:54:07
я хуевый шпай
архив ада 09:19:33
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архив ада 09:19:22
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архив ада 09:16:27
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читай на форуме:
а у меня на глагнэ фото макарон:-)
запалили мои фото Х))))))))
Ну и шо вы молчите.?!X-(
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Дай позитивок немного!
читай в дневниках:
Маленькое счастье...

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